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NEOMED is actively seeking innovative projects that address unmet medical needs. The projects should lead to the potential development of innovative therapeutic approaches, offering differentiated benefits over existing treatments. NEOMED is open to projects in all therapeutic areas of unmet medical need. We welcome the project proposals from academia and biotech, originating within or outside of Quebec.

To submit a project proposal, please complete the form below, providing as much information as possible. KINDLY PROVIDE NON-CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION ONLY. We strongly encourage you to contact your technology transfer office prior to submitting your idea.


NEOMED evaluates the projects along six criteria:

  • Validity of the target: assessment of preclinical and clinical evidence demonstrating potential of target modulation to elicit efficacy in the clinic
  • Drug exposure: assessment of compound properties, where available, demonstrating actual or potential for adequate exposure of the compound at the proposed site of action
  • Safety profile: assessment of the overall safety profile considering both target-related and off-target (compound-related) safety
  • Value to patients: differentiation with respect to available therapies in the proposed patient subpopulation(s)
  • Commercial potential: assessment of competitive positioning and advantages of the proposed projects versus existing products or competitors’ programs
  • Overall feasibility: evaluating the key steps, milestones, timelines, and costs to achieve human proof of concept
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