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In this environment, resident CROs, biotechnology companies, start-ups, and intellectual property specialists interact and mutually benefit from synergies arising from having the entire range of drug discovery and development functions residing together within the facility.



NEOMED-LABS is a contract research organization (CRO) offering high-quality clinical immunology laboratory services. We serve pharmaceutical corporations, biotechnology companies, and healthcare / non-profit organizations with our extensive expertise in delivering quality readouts for the clinical development of vaccines and immunotherapies. Currently, we support clinical vaccine development programs of multinational pharma companies. Our staff consists of over 60 experienced, dedicated scientists and technical experts, and our projects are supported by an extensive network of key opinion leaders (KOLs) as scientific advisors and consultants. We conduct GCLP-compliant immunomonitoring activities to support Phase I to Phase IV vaccine clinical trials.

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Biodextris is a specialized contract research and development organization for biological products and vaccines. Technical and consultative services offered include analytical method development, molecule characterization, quality control and stability studies, bioprocess development, and manufacturing services for products in research, pre-clinical or early-phase clinical applications.

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Bio-K+ Pharma®

Bio-K+ Pharma® is a division of Bio-K Plus International Inc., a company focusing in the manufacturing and marketing of probiotics products. Bio-K+ Pharma® specializes in the screening of intestinal bacteria in order to develop: 1) products that will prevent or treat various viral or bacterial infections by modulating the gut microbiome and the immune system; (2) compounds that will ease the symptoms of inflammatory bowel diseases such as Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis; (3) bacterial agents that will be used as adjuvants to chemotherapy used to treat cancer. Bio-K+ Pharma® also conducts clinical trials using finished products in order to validate the experimental results in vitro.

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PAIRimmune is a contract research organization (CRO) specialized in immunology evaluation for vaccine and immunotherapy development. We offer to our clients scientific methods combined with biopharma expertise to move forward early biological products.

PAIRimmune is more than a preclinical CRO. Based on in vivo and in vitro expertise, we build for our clients an adapted solution for their project.

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Talara Bio Inc.

Talara Bio Inc. is a diagnostic and bioassay company developing tests and software for rapid, “on-the-spot” quantitative measurement of analytes in fluids, with laboratory-grade accuracy, using standard mobile phones.

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Trans-Hit Bio

Trans-Hit Bio (THB) is the human tissue procurement company with the deepest and widest collection capability for biospecimens and clinical samples for R&D purposes through an unrivaled worldwide partner-network of state-of-the-art biorepositories. We facilitate direct interactions between our customers and academic biobanks allowing the expertise of academics to be leveraged and acknowledged. The company, led by a team of scientists with superior knowledge of biomarker development, advise and provide services to biopharmaceutical and IVD companies in various fields, including oncology, infectiology, CNS diseases, etc. Our aim is to keep growing as the leading CRO targeting biomarker R&D teams with an outstanding reputation and a proven contribution to personalized medicine development.

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RISEHoP is a Canadian agro-biotech company with over twenty-five years of experience in development and application of agroecological products and solutions. We help growers to enhance their products and yields with powerful organic additives, such as bio-fertilizers, bio-pesticides, bio-stimulants and plant probiotics. Our products are cost-effective, sustainable, nature-friendly, and most importantly, geared to the future. Not only are we amongst the very few companies in the world able to mass-produce mycorrhizae, we present ourselves as a back office in terms of research, development, and innovation. That is what really makes RISEHoP a valuable partner.

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