NEOMED Institute, Saint-Laurent, Canada


Currently, our resident companies rent a space (lab and/or office) and benefit from the following services and equipment (depending on availability):

Chemistry Laboratories

  • High density of chemical fume hoods
  • Shared access to certain equipment: lyophilizer, microwave synthesis device, hydrogenation room, ice machine, Milli-Q water purification device, Genevac EZ-2, etc.
  • In-house nitrogen

Biology Laboratories

  • In vitro laboratories with open-access cell culture facilities
  • State-of-the-art rodent vivarium

DMPK Laboratories

  • Dedicated DMPK units for up to 12 scientists

Services currently offered onsite, as well as to external companies

  • Open-access NMR services
  • Open-access HPLC-MS services
  • Analytical services to help the characterization of various compounds (solubility & LogD7.4 determination, purity determination by UPLC-MS, Certificate of Analysis, polarimetry, etc.)
  • Analytical support services to maintain and service analytical equipment
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