NEOMED Institute, Saint-Laurent, Canada

Analytical Services

Our Analytical Services group is offering a wide range of services that can be customized to meet clients requirements and specifications. We have access to high end equipment such as NMR, UPLC-MS, Preparative HPLC-MS, SFC-MS, etc.

With over 19 years of combined experience in Big Pharma and Biotech Industries, our team is experienced and well trained in the high standards of the pharma industry. Understanding our client’s needs is one of our priorities in providing high quality service.

We are specialized in purification of Chiral and Achiral compounds using techniques such as SFC-MS and Preparative HPLC-MS, but we also offer a wide range of analytical services as listed. Moreover, we can implement new assays if requested.

Why choose NEOMED Analytical Services?

  • Very Competitive pricing
    • Because NEOMED is a Non-Profit Organization, we are able to
      offer competitive pricing
  • Fast turnaround time
    • Multiple instruments
    • Based in Montreal, Canada
  • Close interaction with the clients
    • Understanding of client’s needs and priorities
  • Over 4 years in business with NEOMED
  • Extensive experience in Pharma and Biotech Industry
    • 19 years combined experience (AstraZeneca , Boehringer
      Ingelheim, CiToxLab, NEOMED)

Fee for Services

  • Purification Services
    • Both achiral and chiral compounds
    • HPLC-MS and SFC-MS
    • Single compound or library
    • Small scale and large scale (multi gram)
  • Other Analytical Services
    • Log D7.4 determination (Octanol/buffer shaking method)
    • Solubility determination (solid or crash DMSO with 24hr shaking)
    • Customized UPLC-MS analysis based on customer need
    • UPLC-MS Homogeneity (purity) assessment
    • Certificate Of Analysis (COA)
    • Stability measurement
    • Etc.

Open Access Services

  • NMR
    • 2 Fully Automated Open Access NMR
    • Remote data accessibility
    • 1H, 13C, 19F, 31P, COSY, MOESY, ROESY, HMBC, GHSQC, etc.
    • No need to reserve a time slot, just come when needed
    • 2 Open Access HPLC-MS systems
    • Remote data accessibility
    • No need to reserve a time slot, just come when needed
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