NEOMED Therapeutics 1 Inc.

Neomed Therapeutics 1

The NEOMED Institute (NEOMED) has launched its first spin-off company, NEOMED Therapeutics 1 Inc. (NEOMED Therapeutics 1), a company dedicated to advancing novel, orally bioavailable epigenetic inhibitors for the targeted treatment of cancer.  NEOMED licensed the original technology in 2014 from privately-held Epigenetix Inc. which was founded on research developed by Dr. Claes Wahlestedt, MD, PhD, Leonard M. Miller Professor and Associate Dean & Center Director for Therapeutic Innovation at University of Miami Miller School of Medicine.

The NEOMED project team has generated four distinct chemical series/scaffolds from which a portfolio of novel orally bioavailable epigenetic inhibitors have been advanced through preclinical development. The lead molecule NEO2734, is an orally bioavailable and potentially first-in-class and differentiated dual BET and CBP/P300 inhibitor.  In addition to NEO2734, NEOMED Therapeutics 1 pipeline comprises a dual BET and CBP/P300 inhibitor back-up program, a dual BET and SMARCA4 inhibitor program and a complementary biomarker program.

  • Christine Lennon

    President & CEO
    NEOMED Therapeutics 1 Inc.
  • Frank Giles

    Chief Medical Officer
    NEOMED Therapeutics 1 Inc.
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